What is a CO2 meter and how does it help us in the prevention of Covid-19

From the letter published in theScience magazine on the route of transmission that inhalation of SARS-CoV-2 supposes for Covid-19, all alarms have been raised due to the urgent need to carry out control strategies to combat the virus or, at least, reduce the maximum contagions.

They show that there is a“overwhelming evidence on airborne transmission of this diseased . For this reason, even governments are already debating control measures such as the implementation of CO2 meters in interior spaces such as schools, shops, offices or hotels.

But, ¿we know what a CO2 meter is?

Let's see in detail what a CO2 detector is and how it can help us against Covid-19.


What is a CO2 meter and what is it for?

A CO2 meter is a device designed for the indoor air quality monitoring to ensure proper ventilation .

Meters composed of the NDIR method measure the CO2 value in ppm Parts per million or percent when infrared light is absorbed by carbon dioxide inside the meter. Thus, we can ensure that the indoor air in a closed environment is clean and virus-free.s.

It is a very simple device to use and some already have different functionalities designed for restaurants, work environments, academies and schools, such as AirGuardian CO2 sensor, which allows to display the values on a screen or Smart TV in real time, to give confidence and security to the people who are in that same place.


What is CO2

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a colorless gas that exists naturally in the Earth's atmosphere and is produced in combustion processes and in the organism of living beings.

A normal level of CO2 in the air is around 400 ppm. But indoors, when the ppm exceeds approximately 800 they can already be consideredCO2 alert values in the air.


¿What does CO2 produce in humans??

A high concentration of CO2 in an interior space such as a room, classroom or meeting room, increases fatigue and considerably reduces the ability to concentrate, among other symptoms.

Other signs such as headaches, dizziness or respiratory problems may also appear, especially when there are several people within a closed space.

But CO2 not only causes fatigue and concentration problems, it can be fatal in humans and animals in extreme cases. That is why it is so important to monitor carbon dioxide in the air with a CO2 meter, especially in those places where a considerable volume is produced by combustion or natural processes, such as the fermentation of food.

This is why the real-time control of CO2 concentrations with a meter in wineries, breweries or other places of a similar nature, it takes on such importance in terms of health.


How You Can Help Prevent Covid 19

In relation to Covid-19 and its prevention, literally Kimberyl Prather along with five other colleagues from the University of California in San Diego, cite in theScence magazine:

" There is overwhelming evidence that inhalation of SARS-CoV-2 represents an important transmission route for Covid-19 disease. .”

In addition, they explain:“Viruses in aerosols can remain suspended in the air for several seconds to hours, like smoke, and be inhaled ".

Regarding the debate on the spread of the virus through the droplets of saliva that we expel when we speak, they answer:

“People with Covid-19 they release thousands of virus-laden aerosols and far fewer droplets when you breathe and speak. Therefore, one is much more likely to inhale aerosols than a drop, so the balance of attention should focus on protection against airborne transmission ".

Therefore, the function of a CO2 meter against Covid-19 is none other than monitor and control the CO2 levels of a space in real time and, in the case of AirGuardian, notify you when the levels exceed the recommended values to ensure ventilation and renewal of indoor air.


Possible mandatory implementation of CO2 meters in hospitality

In addition to already existing measures such as the use of masks, social distancing or constant hand washing, governments are already talking about the implementation of measures to improve indoor air with CO2 meters and ventilation in public and closed environments such as bars, restaurants, offices or schools.

According to the media, the Community of Madrid raises the obligation to install CO2 meters in the hotel industry in order to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus by aerosols in covered places..”


What are the best CO2 meters

There are already various types of CO2 meters on the market with different peculiarities, functionalities and prices.

Media like the newspaper Information, Brand orThe vanguardThey talk aboutAir Guardian as an innovative CO2 meter for combining safety and design at a fairly competitive price, with the intention of making it available to everyone.

Among its peculiarities are:

  • Its easy use as it is like a traffic light that changes color, turning green when the air is clean and red when it is necessary to renew the indoor air.
  • Alerts and notifications on your mobile when it exceeds the recommended levels.
  • Control of one or multiple devicesAir Guardian.
  • Activate your ventilation systems automatically when exceeding the recommended levels, of great utility for example for the automatic ventilation of offices, classrooms, bars or shops.
  • Consult the history of measurements.
  • Share CO2 levels in the air on a screen or SmartTV.


You can continue reading aboutwhere to buy CO2 meters and their price in this article.

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