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Download the AirGuardian user manual in PDF, selecting the type of product and the language:

AirGuardian Mini Manual (Spanish).

AirGuardian SmartPlug Manual (Spanish).

Manual AirGuardian Mini (English).

AirGuardian SmartPlug Manual (English).

EITHER Click here and visit our YouTube channel with installation videos and step-by-step incidents such as:

manual airguardian

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Frequent questions

¿What is the difference between the AirGuardian Mini and the AirGuardian PRO?

The function of Both devices is the same control air quality, humidity and temperature, warning of excess CO2 and thus avoiding contamination.

Nevertheless, there are technical characteristics that differentiate them and that adjust to the physical and technical needs of each client.

You can then compare the differences in the following table:

¿AirGuardian only works with the app?

No. Even if you don't have the app, the AirGuardian device monitors air quality and changes color when CO2 concentrations in the room where it's located rise above recommended levels. You will be able to see that information on the device screen.

¿The AirGuardian App can be downloaded on IOS and Android?

Of course yes. Also, here is the direct link to install the AirGuardian App on your device:

Descarga Air Guardian App para Android Descarga Air Guardian App para iOs

¿What you need to be able to install the AirGuardian app and configure the device?

Simply download the app and have a 2.4Ghz WIFI connection. You will only have to follow the instructions that the App offers you when you add a new device.

We also offer you the manual in PDF format to download or you can see the AirGuardian installation step by step in video format on our channel. Youtube.

¿What to do if you have a problem installing the AirGuardian app and setting up your device?

If you follow the instructions that the app will offer you as you set up a new device, you shouldn't have any problems. However, three possible incidents have been detected that we explain how to solve in this video.

 You will also have the personalized service of the AirGuardian team to consult any technical failure or problem that may occur both in the device and in the AirGuardian app. you just have to contact with us.

¿Where should the device be located so that it correctly measures the CO2 level??

For the correct operation of AirGuardian, the CO2 meter must always be kept away from areas with dirt, humidity or inside a piece of furniture so that the measurements are real and are not interfered by other environmental factors.

Avoid locating it in:

  • The inside of a piece of furniture.
  • Close to ventilation such as doors and windows.
  • Areas where the temperature drops below -10C or exceeds 40C.C.
  • Damp or wet places such as near the shower, kitchen, etc.

¿Stays on continuously or turns off automatically?

For safety, it stays on continuously unless the power cord is unplugged. But you have the day / night mode to lower the intensity of the light at certain times.

You also have the AirGuardian smart plug plugin with which you can configure your device to connect or disconnect according to the PPM levels that you indicate in the configuration.

If you move it, you have to set it up againo?

No. If you do not change the Wi-Fi connection, the device is configured. You only need to wait 3-4 minutes or 1-2 minutes (depending on meter type) for the device to warm up.

¿ppm values can be set?

Yes, the values can be configured. The device's ppm ranges are factory set to values considered normal by the manufacturer. National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, but these are perfectly configurable if you want to lower the limits of each color for greater caution, from the app's configuration option.

¿Device display can be set?

No. The device screen is not configurable, but you can change the color intensity of the device, set day mode / night mode and even the meter alert colors.

¿You can share the measurements with other users?

Yes. Being able to share the measurements with other users is part of the functionalities of the App. The CO2 values can be displayed on a screen or SmartTV through a Wi-Fi connection through a url link or you can send the measurements to other users for a total reliability of the air quality of the place where the device is installed.

Or access theweb app no download with prior registration.

¿how much energy does it consume?

The device incorporates a charger with a 5V DC power cable of typical consumption < 1.3W/h and peak consumption < 2Wh.

And if you want to save on your electricity bill, use the smart plug add-on for your AirGuardian meters.

¿CO2 measurement is in real time?

Yes. AirGuardian shows the CO2 values of the place where it is installed on the screen of the device. But remember that you can check the values from the App, where they will be stored.

¿It has an alarm that warns when it exceeds a certain value?

AirGuardian warns by changing color so you know the status of air quality at that moment. Also, if you add the app to the CO2 meter, you will receive notifications every time it changes.

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