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Brilliant ! We have it in the office connected to the ventilation system. We no longer worry about opening windows and we are calm because we breathe quality air. We also notice that our head hurts less by not having the air so heavy all day in a closed place. Highly recommended.

Alicia fernandez


We have it at my children's school. When it turns yellow every day they have a "COVID Coordinator" in charge of opening the windows. In addition, it is helping them to study math! Parents can see on the school website, the state of the air through a link and we are a little calmer.

Sergio Vayá Herrero


Since they put it in my little one's nursery and as it is by color, they themselves warn and know that you have to open doors and windows. It is like a game for them. Now that the cold is here, we know that they do not have windows open all day like last year, so we avoid the flu. These types of measures are what should be put in all closed sites, for me a 10!

Luisa garcia


I have a restaurant and I have been looking at various filters and air purifiers, but I think I chose the best option because with Air Guardian I simply have to open doors and windows to generate a natural air current and it saves me putting the extractors all day without my customers feel hot in summer and unnecessary cold in winter.

Ramón J.

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