This Christmas, extreme your prevention measures against COVID

This Christmas,¡do not relax before COVID! And extreme prevention measures in the face of the large increase in incidents.

The current situation is not being anything promising and, with the arrival of the sixth wave just for this Christmas, sinceHealth inform us that we must take certain measures when we meet with loved ones to celebrate these holidays.

Apart from vaccines and booster doses, the experts are clear: fewer events, fewer people and always wearing a mask, distance andventilation.

Prevention and Tips for this Christmas.

A year later and when we thought that this Christmas would be different, we found a sixth wave that has practically become a tsunami.

But there is one thing the experts agree on:some measures are still as effective as last year. Others have been updated and some more are gimmicky, as we have had the entire pandemic, but they do not produce great changes to control a rampant pandemic again at this point. And although no one wants to hear this news, the most effective measure is to limit our family nuclei.

Besides being recommended to receive the complete regimen, it is also recommended to receive the booster dose for the most vulnerable groups. And even if the dose is not immediate, in a week you can celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings without worry.

  1. For every meetinggood ventilation is recommended. It's advisablekeep CO2 levels under control indoors to prevent the virus from spreading easily.
  2. The use of a mask is mandatory as long as the activity to be carried out prevents it. It is advisable to carry a spare mask in case it breaks down and to avoid loud conversations.
  3. It is recommended that people who attend meetings have the complete vaccination schedule. It is advisable to perform an antigen test to detect SARS-CoV-2 before its collection.
  4. During the meal, it is advisable to have a wide table to maintain the distance between the diners. It is advisable to maintain this distance between non-cohabitating people and that a single person is in charge of setting and removing the table.
  5. At the end of the celebration,it is recommended to re-ventilate the interior spaces.In addition, it is advisable not to extend the desktop.

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