The time slots on the electricity bill are back:these are the times when your AirGuardian consumption will be cheaper.

Last June 2021, a new electricity bill format came into force in Spain for domestic users, who would see their consumption affected according to three different billing time periods throughout the day. However, a few months later and once summer was over, these famous time slots were no longer valid and this price difference faded.

The reason that these time slots stopped working seemed to come fromof the measures taken by the Executive in mid-September 2021 to lower the electricity bill. For this, a decree was promulgated in which the special tax on electricity was lowered from 5.11% to 0.5% and the charges of the electrical system were reduced by 90% until the end of the year.

Although as we can read inthewebsite of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition have been extended. Thus, the VAT rate will continue at 10% for small consumers, the IEE rate will remain at 0.5% during the first quarter of 2022 and the 7% Tax on electricity generation will be suspended in the first quarter.

Pay more or less depending on the time of day with AirGuardian.

Three time slots are established, called “point, plain and valley” What you should learn to save on your electricity consumption with AirGuardian:

¿Do you know the smart plugs of AirGuardian?

Now you know that the time slots on your electricity bill have returned, but we don't want to leave you "naked" and here's a tip to save on your AirGuardian consumption with smart plugs..

The AirGuardian smartplug allows you to activate and deactivate your CO2 meters remotely and automatically based on the CO2 values. Save energy and reduce your electricity bills thanks to its connection and configuration through the AirGuardian app.

Their simple and compact design makes these smart plugs the perfect complement to your CO2 meter.

medidor co2 conexión inteligente

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