SANOTEC and AirGuardian:Together for a safe and virus-free space

Faced with the hard blow that the coronavirus pandemic has caused on the health and well-being of all the countries of the world, governments and people from all points seek and implement measures that guarantee the safety of citizens in all kinds of scenarios for a speedy return to the old normal.

They join this fight SANOTEC and AirGuardian, united for the same purpose: to put an end to the transmission of this pandemic.


CO2 meter to combat the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by aerosols

The way oftransmission of SARS-Cov-2 by aerosols recently recognized by the Ministry of Health, has made not only the prevention measures already taken such as the use of masks, social distance or hygiene are sufficient. If not all of them, proper ventilation must be added in interior spaces such as homes, schools, offices, hospitals, nursing homes or restaurants.

Places where not only exhaustive ventilation must be carried out, but we must also verify if the ambient air is safe and if the ventilation protocol has been carried out correctly, as we see in theCSIC recommendation guide for proper ventilation in closed places such as educational centers.


New sanitary measures and regulations against Covid-19 and other viruses

The proper use of masks, social distance, hygiene, curfew, the closure of the hotel business. A whole achievement of sanitary measures to prevent infections and put an end to this nightmare of a health pandemic..

Along the same lines, adds the implementation of CO2 meters in closed spaces such as restaurants, hospitals or schools . In fact, there are already severalgovernments in Spain that speak of the obligation to implement a CO2 meter in restaurants, hospitals or schools, to ensure the health and well-being of people.

In response to this need, AirGuardian and SANOTEC work to create safe and healthy spaces available to the entire population.

TheAirGuardian CO2 meter guarantees the correct ventilation of the environment changing color like a traffic light from green to red, passing through yellow, to show when the air quality is optimal or, on the contrary, unhealthy and we must ventilate.

AirGuardian Medidor de CO2 para ambientes seguros

In this way, we can control the health of the air in the room where the device is installed, since it warns when we have to ventilate when it exceeds the CO2 values recommended by theNational Institute of Safety and Health at Work.

In parallel,SANOTEC “manufactures and distributes in Europe technological solutions for health prevention. We were born with these goals:

  • Improve the safety and prevention of people's health in the face of the threats of current and future health epidemics.
  • Innovate in the health and hygiene sector improving people's lives with technology for health prevention.
  • Protect your customers and employees with technological products for prevention and disinfection against the new Coronavirus COVID-19 and other possible viruses.
  • Work with public and private companies, hospitals, medical centers, residences, stations and airports, factories and companies, shopping centers, hotels, colleges and universities.”


SANICO2: SANOTEC and AirGuardian join forces to end the transmission of this pandemic

Faced with the strong desire of people to revive the old normality, physical contact and to meet again, SANOTEC and AirGuardian join forces to provide those measures that guarantee the safety and well-being of the different daily spaces and advocate that we can return as soon as possible to the "normality" of our lives.

And from this union is born SANICO2: To create these new safe spaces and achieve the desired reunion between people, friends and family in a safe and healthy way.

In addition to also facing the threats of coming health epidemics and improving people's lives in the face of other health symptoms caused by the high levels of CO2 on the planet.

SANICO. Medidor de CO2 AirGuardian y SANOTEC se unen para crear espacios seguros


SUCCESS STORY: SANICO2 in the Alcoy hospitality industry

The Alcoy City Council is a pioneer in Spain in the installation of SANICO2 meters in the hotel and catering establishments of this town, one of the sectors hardest hit by the impact of the pandemic.

To help face this difficult situation, the Alcoy City Council has launched the placement of our CO2 meters in 65 restaurants and bars in the city thanks to the co-financing model of these meters between the City Council and SANOTEC.

Bares de Alcoy instalan medidores de CO2 SANICO2

SANICO2 en la hostelería de Alcoy


In this Official link of the town of Alcoy you can see all the restaurants in the town that already have our CO2 meter and the measurement of air quality inside its premises in real time.

Thanks to co-financing between the City Council and SANOTEC, these devices have been given away to bars and restaurants in the town in order to help bars and restaurants remain open while maintaining safe spaces.

Click on this link if you want to know more about ourCO2 meters for the hospitality industry.

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