CO2 meter against COVID-19:what is it for, price and where to buy

According to various studies, the death rate was already higher in places with poorer air quality before the pandemic. And now, several researchers are already talking about a strong relationship between nitrogen dioxide and fine particles in suspension with a greater contagion of COVID-19.

But what relationship is there between air quality and transmission of COVID-19?? 

First of all, let's see what is the relationship that air quality maintains with the spread of the virus in order to better understand how a CO2 meter can be of use to us knowing what is it for, where can you buy this device and what is its price?


¿COVID-19 transmission is in the air?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the entire population has debated whether air quality is directly related to the spread of the virus.

One thing was already clear, and that is that high concentrations of carbon dioxide and air pollution is an obvious cause of respiratory problems and other ailments. That is why it is suspected that those sectors of the population that have cardiorespiratory conditions to some degree due to pollution, may affect them more in case of contracting the virus.

This is where the air renewal plays a key role in curbing the spread of this pandemic. Is essentialproperly ventilate the spaces of a house or closed public place to constantly renew the indoor air that could be loaded with viruses.

¿And how can we know if the air is clean and the space well ventilated??

With a CO2 meter.

The CO2 in the air is what people emit when we breathe. Therefore, if we have a CO2 detector in a closed space, it will notify us when the CO2 concentration is high and we must ventilate and renew the indoor air with outdoor air.


¿What is a CO2 meter for and how can it help against COVID-19?

The crowds of people, direct contact and the air that we share in closed spaces are now the factors considered most influential in the spread of the virus. For this reason, the different governments already students as measure to reduce infections for COVID-19, the implementation ofCO2 detectors in closed spaces especially for public use, such as shops, schools, universities, restaurants and offices.

Thanks to these CO2 meters, it is possible to know when in a specific place there is a high concentration of carbon dioxide or if, on the contrary, it has good air quality.

In this way, with a CO2 meter in public and private spaces we can know at all times if there is a risk of contagion or not.

In fact, governments like that of theCommunity of Madrid is already planning to establish its mandatory use in hotels, classrooms and public places with a higher concentration of people.

But ¿where can we buy a CO2 meter and what is its price?


¿Where to buy and how much does a CO2 meter cost?

A CO2 meter is a small and portable device, with a screen where we can see the ppm values of the air in a closed space.

In the case of AirGuardian , also has a easy to use mobile app , from where we can receive notifications and control the CO2 levels of various spaces constantly.

Also, thanks to its real time monitoring and maximum connectivity with other devices, it can be projected on a monitor or screen so that customers and employees of a business can also be informed of air quality and be reassured at all times that there is no risk of contagion.

On as for the price of a CO2 meter, AirGuardian is available for only 215 euros with taxes and shipping costs included*.

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Somos una empresa con unas oficinas de 750 m2 y otra de 400 m2.
Estoy buscando medidores de CO2 para optimizar el rendimiento de la calefacción de las instalaciones con la seguridad frente al covid-19, y he pensado en instalar unos medidores de CO".
Serian tan amables de contactar conmigo.

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