Use of CO2 meters in business:Where is it mandatory?

You have a business and comprehensively maintain all viral prevention measures You know the obligation to implement certain measures like thista?

In the hotel industry of the Balearic Islands its use is already mandatory.

In schools and nursery schools it is already a fact.

And now, the Community of Madrid is already talking about a possible obligation in classrooms and businesses.

We are talking about the CO2 meters and his, more and more, must usage in certain sectors and regions of our country.

Let's see where is already mandatory , the importance of its use both private and public in businesses of any sector and the forecasts of the massive use of these CO2 meters, which seems to have come to stay.  


Why we need an air quality meter in businesses and companies?

Medidor de CO2 para empresas, colegios y negocios

Social distance, a well-fitting mask, ventilation in closed spaces We could say that security measures to deal with the spread of coronavirus are now our new normal. But, how can we know for sure that our business is properly ventilated, that it is really virus freeus?

With a air quality meter .

By locating a CO2 meter in your business or school, you can control the risk of airborne transmission indoors at all times despite the use of masks, as recently demonstrated.

Even in some autonomous communities they are already considering the compulsory install a CO2 meter to ensure the welfare of customers.

Why? Well, among other things, because with a CO2 meter located in a closed space you can::

  • Measure and check CO2 levels in the environment in real time.
  • Know when we have to renew the indoor air.
  • Reduce the time of exposure to Covid-19.
  • Receive alerts before reaching excessive CO2 values.
  • Activate automatic ventilation when recommended values are exceeded.

And after the pandemic it is necessary to have a CO2 meterO2?

Measuring air quality will not only be necessary during the Covid-19 pandemic, rather, these smart devices are here to stay.

As an indicator of air quality, the scientific community attaches great importance to the control of CO2 levels in closed spaces for s a factor detrimental to health . For example, among other symptoms, a high level of CO2 in a closed environment without proper ventilation can cause tiredness, headache, poor concentration, promotes disease transmission, cognitive impairment and even a worsening in symptoms in people with a lung ailment.


The Community of Madrid will acquire CO2 meters to know the ventilation levels in the classrooms

As a general rule, the Community of Madrid recommends cross ventilation to avoid the transmission of viruses, but for greater safety in the health of the students, it proposes that it will be necessary to install a CO2 meter that verifies in real time that the CO2 levels inside the classroom does not exceed 700 - 800 ppm.

As stated in the instructions sent from the regional government, Madrid educational centers will acquire CO2 metersto know if correct ventilation of the classes is really maintained in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.


The Balearic Government forces bars and restaurants to install CO2 meters in order to remain open

According to the Crónica Balear media,“the Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labor, Iago Negueruela, has reported that the Government works on new measures for the restaurant sector to face COVID-19, what includes the obligation to install a CO2 meter so that customers can check that they are well ventilated".

For them, they assure, "the priority"is the health security while "maintaining this economic activity to provide security for workers and customers."


Possible mandatory implementation of CO2 meters in other autonomous communities

In this same line, we return to the Community of Madrid, where the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has raised -according to official sources-“the need to do mandatory installation of CO2 meters in catering establishments..

The regional government already proposes it among the new measures to deal with Covid-19.

The purpose of this is to avoid the transmission of viruses through the air in indoor places, where it has been shown that it is where the greatest number of infections occurs.

Argument that Díaz Ayuso reinforces by adding that the possible obligation to install these CO2 sensors is due to exposure to the transmission of viruses in spaces such as restaurants, where people usually stay for more than an hour in groups of people and, where in addition, they remove the mask to be able to eat or drink..”

The objective is to bet on the safety and health of its clients and workers.


Grants to bars and restaurants for the installation of CO2 meters

A relief for hospitality establishments are these aids that are already being implemented by some governments such as the Balearic Islands:

The Government will help with 800 euros to install CO2 meters in bars and restaurants

As defended by the Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labor, Iago Negueruela, the measure has to help combat the spread of the virus. ".

Specifically, this help is 800 for restoration companies  who request it, with less than 20 workers and who acquire this type of device for their establishment.


¿You need more information about CO2 meters and their implementation to deal with Covid-19?

You can stay informed about this type of  current news on our blog, where we will publish the new measures and aid implemented in the rest of the Autonomous Communities of our country.

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