AirGuardian Smart Plug - Wi-Fi Smart Plug

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AirGuardian Smart Plug is a Wi-Fi smart plug that allows you to activate and deactivate your AirGuardian devices automatically based on the CO2 values detected by your meters (MINI and PRO models).

save energy and reduce your electricity bills by means of the automatic ignition system only when it is really necessary to monitor the room and prevents devices from overheating due to overuse


¿What features does the AirGuardian App have??

  • Connection and personalized configuration through the AirGuardian app, so you have controlled at all times the quality of the air inland.
  • You will know the status of the device in real time.
  • personalize the time on or off or even do it remotely.
  • Receive alerts on your mobile when indoor air quality begins to decline.

Its simple and compact design makes it AirGuardian Smart Plug the perfect complement to your smart CO2 meter AirGuardian MINI or AirGuardian PRO .

      ¿What guarantees the price of the AirGuardian Smart Plug?

      AirGuardian Smart Plug purchase includes:

      • The number of smart plugs you add to the cart.
      • The free download AirGuardian application, which includes different functionalities for the control of your devices (access via mobile -IOS and Android- and web ) until it becomes available.
      • It has a 2 year warranty.

      ¿Can I connect other devices to the AirGuardian Smart Plug??

      • This product is only available with the purchase of your AirGuardian device.
      • If you already own an AirGuardian device, contactContact with us to get your smart plug.

      Technical specifications of the smart plug AirGuardian Smart Plug

      • White color
      • Material: Polycarbonate
      • Maximum power: 4000W
      • Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
      • Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
      • Wireless: 802.11b/g/n
      • Wi-Fi: 2.4Ghz
      • Certification: FCC, CE.
      • Voltage input: 100 - 240V/AC
      • Max. Current: 10A
      • Plugs available depending on the country of delivery.
      • Dimensions: 104x55x73mm
      • Weight: 80g
      • Portable Size
      • Compatible with AirGuardian Mini and AirGuardian PRO
      Free Download Data Sheet AirGuardian Smart Plug


      ¿How do I install the AirGuardian Smart Plug??

      Download the AirGuardian app and sign up. 


      For bulk purchases, contact Contact with one of our distributors.