Frequent questions

¿AirGuardian only works with the app?

No. Even if you don't have the app, the Air Guardian device monitors air quality and changes color when CO2 concentrations in the room where it is located rise above recommended levels. You will be able to see that information on the screen of the device.

The Air Guardian application allows you to monitor your devices, receive online notifications, view the measurement data on a SmartTV screen through a url link and share it with other users, customize the alert settings as well as the colors and the day mode / night, access to multiple users to the account, as well as having a historical data of the measurements for control, monitoring and analysis of the same.


¿What does the AirGuardian App include 

With the free app that comes with your AirGuardian purchase, you can:

  • Control an unlimited number of devices from the same account in the App.
  • Check visual information of CO2 levels on the device.
  • Measurement history of the last 6 months.
  • Unlimited access to the API for automatic ventilation control.
  • Receive alerts by increasing CO2 levels.
  • Customization of intensity and alert colors.
  • Configuration of "Day mode" and "Night mode".
  • Dashboard to view measurements on SamrtTV or via link.


¿What do I need to be able to install the AirGuardian app and configure the device?

Simply download the app and have a 2.4Ghz WIFI connection. You will find a setup instruction manual when you receive your Air Guardian. You can download it tooIn the following link.

You can also see the step-by-step installation of AirGuardian in video format on our channelYoutube.


¿Where the device should be located to correctly measure the CO2 level?

For the correct operation of AirGuardian, the CO2 meter must always be kept away from areas with dirt, humidity or inside any furniture so that the measurements are real and not interfered by other environmental factors.

Avoid locating it in:

  • The inside of a piece of furniture.
  • Near ventilation such as doors and windows.
  • Areas where the temperature drops below -10C or exceeds 40C.C.
  • Humid or wet places such as near the shower, kitchen, etc.


¿Stays on continuously or turns off automatically?

For safety, it remains on without interruption unless the power cord is disconnected. But you have the day / night mode to lower the intensity of the light at certain times.


If I relocate it, I have to reconfigure ito?

No. If you don't change your Wi-Fi connection, the device is configured. You will only have to wait 3-4 minutes for the device to warm up.


¿What is the ppm (parts per million) range of each color?

  • Green: up to 750ppm
  • Yellow: 750-1000 ppm
  • Red: More than 1000ppm


¿Ppm values can be set?

The device's ppm ranges are factory set according to the values considered normal by theNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, but these are perfectly configurable if you want to lower the limits of each color for greater caution, from the configuration option of the app.


¿How do I configure my device?

If you want to modify the ppm ranges configured by default, it would be necessary to calibrate the device in the measurement area. To do this, the following steps must be followed:
  1. Stay in a well-ventilated place or directly outside the place where the meter will be placed if possible.
  2. Connect the device to the network.
  3. Press the power button that you will find next to the power cable.feeding.
  4. The message " CALIBRATING "Wait for it to disappear(This step can take up to 20 minutes).
This step is important for the meter to work properly, since the air quality of the different cities are not the same, but depend on multiple factors such as pollution.
Now, you can connect the device with the AirGuardian application.


¿Device display can be configured?

No. The screen is not configurable, but you can change the color intensity of the device, configure day / night mode and even the meter's alert colors.


¿I can share the measurements with other users?

Yes. CO2 values can be displayed on a screen or SmartTV via Wi-Fi connection through a url link.

In addition, with the app, you can also send the measurements to other users for total confidence in the air quality of the place where the device is installed.


¿How much energy does it consume?

  • The device incorporates a charger with a 5V DC power cable.
  • Typical consumption & lt; 1.3W / h.
  • Peak consumption & lt; 2W / h.


¿CO2 measurement is in real time?

Yes. AirGuardian displays the CO2 values for where you are installing on the device screen.

You can also check the values from the mobile application, where they will be stored.


¿How long does the warranty have??

The Law 23/2003 of Guarantees in the Sale of consumer goods establishes a 2-year guarantee on the purchase of products to the final consumer. They will not be considered consumers who, without constituting themselves as final recipients, acquire, store or consume goods in order to integrate them into production processes, transformation, commercialization or provision to third parties, in which case, the guarantee becomes 1 year.


¿It has an alarm that warns when it exceeds a certain value?

AirGuardian warns by changing color so that you know the health of the air at a glance.


Possible errors and how to fix them


If the device shows a WIFI NOT CONNECTED message, it may be because the Wi-Fi password has not been entered correctly or because you are NOT using a 2.4 Wi-Fi network but a 5G one.



Re-enter the password taking special care or connect to a 2.4 Wi-Fi network (the device does not work with 5G networks, so you may have to force your mobile or tablet, since by default, they will always automatically select the fastest network Look at your device settings).


Assumption 2: WIFI is connected but the message PUT MAC appears on the device display (ERROR 501))

The Wi-Fi is connected correctly but it has not yet been registered in the app. If a device is not assigned, it still does not detect Wi-Fi to make connections.



Enter the serial number that will appear on the screen next to the PONGA MAC error, into the AirGuardian application to pair the device.o.


Assumption 3: Connectivity problem

This occurs when using networks with very strict firewalls, such as public networks in which despite a high number of users being connected, the names of the connected devices are not displayed for security reasons.



If possible, try to open the router ports to achieve connectivity. From time to time, a serial number will appear on the device screen. Try to enter this number (you may have to include it repeatedly) until the connection occurs as in ERROR 501.

Another solution to this problem is to create a dedicated private network to connect the meters.


Please note that these possible incidents will only occur during the connection process. Once the devices are connected, the meters will send the data to the app even if you are using a 5G network or the name of the device is not visible.